The Company

Emperador Brandy is the world’s best-selling brandy. In 2013, it sold 400 million bottles in Asia, primarily in the Philippines and the Middle East. It is a brandy of unparalleled quality, smoothness and flavor. Emperador Brandy owes its success to an intricate blending and aging process. All it takes is one sip to fully appreciate Emperador Brandy as a world-class product – that just happens to be conveniently affordable.

In 2010, Emperador Light was introduced, becoming the country’s first light yet full-flavored brandy. Factoring in the brand’s monumental success are its exceptional quality, widespread market availability, and charming campaign focused on keeping things light.

In 2011, the brand launched its “Gawin mong Light” campaign, which encouraged drinkers to look at the lighter side of life’s daily challenges. This philosophy resonated well with our target consumers, who constantly work hard to achieve their personal goals but prefer to keep things light when it comes to their social life.

Dr. Andrew L. Tan’s vision of Emperador as a producer of worldclass quality products led to the acquisition of the renowned Bodega San Bruno in Jerez – the brandy capital of the world. This investment included sweeping tracts of vineyards in Toledo, the latest viniculture technology, and a sizable inventory of high-quality brandy that is now being meticulously aged in sherry-oak casks at Bodega San Bruno. Emperador’s acquisition of Bodega San Bruno brings together over two centuries of brandy-making tradition. This enables the company to pursue innovations in brandy production in a competitive and thriving global market. More importantly, the acquisition provides a platform to expand Emperador’s global footprint and product offerings.

The launch of Emperador Deluxe in 2013 further strengthened the company’s brandy portfolio. This fine spirit has been well-received by consumers who enjoy its unparalleled taste and top-notch quality. In less than a year, Emperador Deluxe became one of the largest brands in the imported liquor segment. This established Emperador as a global brand, and a major player in the premium liquor category.